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“Quality. Tradition. Innovation.”

Sanitary mixers HERZ are presented in 75 countries worldwide. With the support of new investments, technologies and know how, the company has grown and developed since 1933. With the purpose of meeting ever increasing demands of present and new markets and meeting the taste of our customers, the level of quality of our sanitary mixers is being extended at all times and approaches the leading companies in our branch.

Sanitary mixers are produced in our contemporary equipped production and development center in Šmartno by Litija on technologically advanced processing machines. The highest quality of our products is confirmed by all major necessary European certificates: SIST EN200, SIST EN246, SIST EN248, SIST EN817, SIST EN1112 and SIST EN1113.

More than 80 Years of experiences enable us to work with great knowledge and technology in order to be able to develop and produce the sanitary mixer of the highest quality.


With an ever-new forms and solutions, we strive to become one of the leading, technologically advanced and internationally renowned producer of sanitary mixers with a recognizable visual concept and its own story.
To identify the trends and needs of the market in the program of sanitary fittings and develop and create the products that are technologically advanced, functional and easy to use.

Being a supplier of mixers, which are technologically advanced, practical, contemporary, ecological, with fresh forms, top quality, but still at affordable prices, is our vision.


Environmental concern and awereness

To our company represents a prudent use of resources and energy, environmentally friendly methods of production and care for the environment, part of social responsibility and awareness.

Using environmentally friendly packaging, promotional materials and recycled materials, represents only a part of our environmental responsibility, which is dedicated to materials that we use. This is followed, of course, by environmentally friendly production methods; Modern galvanization line, waste water treatment, re-use of waste materials, round up the social and environmentally responsible management of our company.

Another focus of our environment concern is intended foremost to safety and energy conservation. Emphasis is given to the solutions in the form of products, which are mainly focused on deliberate approach to water consumption savings, energy efficiency and energy saving and thereby conserving natural resources. 

Our aim is a high quality, safe and economical product that provides an efficient use for years to come.